Command top dollar for your soul’s work. Period.

“But if I raise my prices won’t I lose clients?!”

Answer: No way woman! I’ll show you how.


You’re right on the edge of a self-worth, can’t-seem-to-sell-enough crisis.


And I know from experience that looks a little something like this: 

...taking on double the work for half the price. 

...staying up late to make sure you’re *over-delivering* for that client. 

...bringing your laptop to your kid’s soccer game because your needy client had another “emergency.”


All this 👆. Honey, it’s time for all that to go. 


You’re looking for: 

  • A clear, easy-to-implement system for raising your prices and selling your offers like a woman who knows what she’s worth. 
  • The quickest way to start attracting and selling like a confident, seasoned six-figure entrepreneur. 


You ready to up your prices and know exactly what to say to sell higher dollar?


I thought so. Which is why I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my signature blueprint for getting you sales at the prices that’ll support your life and business. 


The step-by-step roadmap and templates to create your offers, price your services and start selling, like yesterday

  • What if you could raise your prices...knowing the exact words to say to your existing clients?
  • Or know how to craft a perfect offer, that practically sells itself?

Yup, it’s possible, now that...


This mini-course will get you thinking, feeling, and better yet—selling—like a woman who knows what she deserves.




A single testimonial written with Becky’s method landed me $2,000 in booked revenue in a few short weeks. 

Dawn Sinclair, Mentor + Coach

The offer template and workbook is BRILLIANT. It took the overwhelm out, and was super easy to use! For the first time my offers just FLOWED. 

Chrissy Hollis, Business Mentor + CPA

In this short (but oh so sweet) mini-course, I’m sharing with you the exact framework that I’ve used, to grow my own business faster than my favorite racehorse (aka Huggle Bear).

You’re going to get everything I’d have wanted for myself, in this easy-to- digest, easy-to-implement pack of GOLD. 

  1. My VIP blueprint to craft your perfect offer ($197 value)
  2. The ultimate guide to addressing objections ($97 value)
  3. Email templates for how to tell clients you’re increasing prices ($97 value)
  4. Instagram post framework to attract clients and leads to sales ($197 value)
  5. A deep dive into my “So What?” Method ($97 value)
  6. A guide to getting testimonials that do the selling for you ($97 value)

Total Value: $782


These are the EXACT templates and swipes I used to multiply my revenue as a coach year after year, exceeding my old corporate income (which I NEVER thought would’ve been possible) and hiring a team to support me…

...While horseback riding multiple times a week, having slow mornings with my kiddos, and sipping tea coffee by the window of our dream house.

This is not to *be all showy*, but to show you what’s possible.

  • How to double your rates in a way that honours (and excites!) your existing clients.
  • Why you should stop saying “I’m so excited to launch this program” and what to say instead.
  • What to post on social media feed that’ll activate your people.
  • The EXACT bits and pieces to include inside your offers
  • And so much MORE!
You’ll get immediate access to 5 downloadable PDF’s that you can apply inside your business right away, and walkthrough videos where I support you with implementing my strategies right away.